About Us

Dogs Rescue Ring was founded in 2018, but our website was established in 2019. We wanted to do something we felt like was important for us. Therefore, we wanted to start a company to share our products with the community and help our beloved dogs around the world to live a beautiful life.

We are here for the reason of supporting neglected and abandoned dogs to get the love and care they need from rescue shelters around the world!

Help Us, Help Them!

Today we have a successful business, we have over 50 employees and six warehouses around the world. We've been able to establish good connections with our customers, and we're able to give and produce something we think is important. We're proud of how far we have come, and we have no reason for stopping expanding our name and reach bigger goals.

Our main priority is our customers. We want to provide our customers with good support, and we want to build friendships and trust. You customers got us here where we are today, so it's our job giving back to you, so you can be happy. Thank you!